Alfa Romeo Tonale

The beginning of a new Alfa Romeo era


Alfa Romeo has always taken a unique and totally original approach to designing its automobiles: it is the point of convergence between design and passion, between a love for the most cutting-edge technology and a strong instinct to inspire emotions. Today Alfa Romeo is writing a new chapter in its history, introducing a future where once again the driver is at the centre of the design. Here is the Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Alfa Romeo Tonale the Functional Beauty


A design that combines Alfa Romeo’s stylistic features, reinterpreted in the name of modernity and functionality, with the characteristics of Italian design.


Tonale Side Line

The side line, inspired by Alfa Romeo GT, conveys sensuality and athleticism in the car’s body

Tonale Headlights

The floating shield stands out and the full LED adaptive Matrix 3+3 headlights create an unmistakable signature true to the purest Alfa Romeo DNA

Tonale Wheels

20” “Teledial” alloy wheels with design that reinterpreters in a modern way the perforated “telephone dial” theme of the 1960s iconic cars, like the 33 Stradale

Tonale Taillights

The taillights form a sine curve that fully wraps around the rear of the car, making it a truly unique and distinctive lighting signature

Tonale Side Mirrors

The Italian flag, on the side mirrors make Tonale’s roots clear for the world to see

Alfa Romeo Tonale Seating


Designed and crafted to put you at the center of attention at all times. Prestigious materials and finishes together with the unexpected back light of the dashboard create an immediate Alfa Romeo mood. Choose between Alcantara or Leather heated and ventilated front seats. Both are designed for constant comfort and elevate the meaning of driving pleasure. Tonale brings the secrets of Italian hospitality to the world of premium Compact SUVs.


Tonale Side Line

The sporty and high tech environment is designed to be focused and aimed at the driver.

The “telescopic” instrument panel, called “Cannocchiale” and with 12.3” fully digital screen and a 10.25” touchscreen for an engaging driving experience free of distractions, where passion and safety coexist.

Tonale Headlights

Flawlessly placed LED lights create mood that sets the best stage for every journey

Tonale Wheels

Select and maintain two independent temperature settings with the dual-zone air conditioning. Even if the conditions change outside, the system automatically regulates itself, keeping your comfort a constant priority

Tonale Taillights

Harman Kardon 14-speaker Sound system.

Immerse yourself in the rich tones and vibrations from one of world’s premium speaker manufacturers

Alfa Romeo Tonale


The “telescopic” instrument panel​ from Alfa Romeo: a 12.3″ fully digitized display, configurable with multiple options. Receive alerts from active safety systems, clearly see charging information and put navigation front and centre.​

Also, choose from three different stylistic layouts:

  • Heritage, inspired by the brand’s iconic models, with distinctive details such as inverted numbers on the final end of the speedometer
  • Evolved, aligned with our design vision for the future
  • Relax, with a special focus on comfort.

Each one puts its own spin on what it means to see the road through the lens of an Alfa Romeo.

Alfa Romeo Tonale


Experience a cutting edge infotainment system with the 10.25” touch display with wireless mirroring thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™. Complete with widgets and Alfa Connect™ services featuring Alexa voice service for an intuitive home-feeling even on the road.

Tonale features a multitasking interface that is made to be personalised. Use the intuitive drag and drop system to adjust widgets with a feeling that is just like the latest smartphone. Choose the way to scroll through and manage, radio, navigation, ADAS and many more vehicle functions. It’s your journey, so make it fit you.