Alfa Romeo Tonale

The beginning of a new Alfa Romeo era

Alfa Romeo Tonale Engines


The new Tonale marks the entry of Alfa Romeo in the world of electrification, with specific solutions created to enhance its DNA.

Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid  VGT 160 HP


The 160 HP Hybrid VGT equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger paired with 7 speed Alfa Romeo TCT dual-clutch transmission and the 48 Volt 15 kW, 55 Nm “P2” electric motor makes it possible for the 1.5 litre gasoline engine to propel the wheels even when the internal combustion engine is turned off. Alfa Romeo has opted for this technical solution to offer an authentic electrified experience.

The transmission enables startup and travel in electric mode at low speeds and when parking and cruising, ensuring the typical performance of a gasoline engine but with consumption (gas + electric) comparable to a diesel engine’s, with an extremely linear power delivery and really brilliant acceleration.

Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-In Hybrid 275 HP


The most powerful version in the line-up in terms of performance and level of electrification will be the exclusive 275-hp Plug-in Hybrid Q4.

The advanced hybrid system combines the 1.3 litre MultiAir turbo gasoline to provide traction to the front wheels – with the electric motor, to which the rear wheels are connected. The system has a 15.5 kWh battery and delivers a total output of 275 hp. This makes it the sportiest offering in its class, with 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 6.2 seconds.

The Plug-in Hybrid version will be equipped with Q4 all-wheel drive for an unparalleled level of safety and driving pleasure. The Tonale Q4 will be the most efficient Plug-in Hybrid C-SUV, with range in electric mode of up to 80 km in the city cycle and over 60 km in the combined cycle. Again in the name of maximum efficiency, a full battery charge takes 2.5 hours when using the 7.4 kW fast charger.


Tonale Hybrid 130 HP CO2 emission (weighted, combined) (g/km): 130-142. Fuel consumption (weighted, combined) (l/100km): 5.7-6.2. WLTP procedure (EU regulation 2018/1832) adopted for calculation. Fuel consumption and CO2 emission values measured by manufacturer during pre-approval testing activities, according to the WLTP procedure (EU regulation 2018/1832), and could vary before final homologation. 

Please check that these information are correct and complete and that the pre-approval tests have been actually made.