Alfa Romeo has always taken a unique and totally original approach to design its automobiles: it is the point of convergence between design and passion, between a love for the most cutting-edge technology and a strong instinct to inspire emotions. Today Alfa Romeo is writing a new chapter in its history, introducing a future where once again the driver is at the centre of the design. Here is the Alfa Romeo Giulia.



Simplicity, formal balance and harmonious surfaces. A unique and unmistakable appearance, represented by the trilobe. This is the Alfa Romeo style. The Giulia embodies that style. Beautiful and functional: with balanced weight distribution and rear-wheel drive, the engine and mechanics between the two axes, all its power is transferred to the road.

The Giulia’s surfaces are defined by light. Its profile is power and motion.

The Giulia’s interior is built around the driver, but all passengers travel in comfort and safety. Simple and essential, it puts the driver at the exact center of the action. A single, invisible man-machine line gives full command and control of the information.

The interior of the Giulia is striking for its combination of materials: surfaces in real wood, natural walnut or grey techno-oak. Brushed aluminum. Leather with a nappa finish. Technical fabrics.

All materials are selected to be in full harmony with the personality of the Giulia and the crafted finish that only the Italian style can provide. Form, function, and beauty are inseparable. An intense experience, aimed at all the senses.