End of Life Vehicles ELV

For many years Alfa Romeo have been working on a global policy for the protection of and respect for the environment through constant improvements in the production processes and the creation of products of increasing Eco-compatibility. 


Gowan Auto, the Alfa Romeo people in Ireland is a member of ELVES (End of Life Vehicles Environmental Services CLG), the industry compliance scheme for end-of-life vehicles in Ireland. They provide a nationwide network of Authorised treatment facilities. These permitted scrapyards will take back your old FIAT or small van for free and will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction (COD), ending your responsibility and will then recycle your vehicle. 


Why RecycleEnd-of-Life Vehicles contain many non-renewable resources – metals, plastics and glass, and it is important that these materials are recycled. Your old car also contains liquids like oil and materials like batteries that need to be recycled and recovered safely to protect the local environment.


Did you know


You are required by law to deposit your car with a vehicle recycling facility (Authorised Treatment Facility) for recycling.


If your car is complete and free of rubbish, a vehicle recycling facility is obliged to take back your car free of charge. There may be a small charge to collect your vehicle.


A permitted scrapyard (or ATF) is the only business that can issue you with a Certificate of Destruction when you scrap your car.

Steps to Recycle Your Vehicle



Find and contact a vehicle recycling facility - visit the Official ELVES website. www.elves.ie


Enter your nearest town in our Find a Recycler tool above and click Search. You will be shown the location of the nearest vehicle recyclers to you in the ELVES Network. Select a recycler to view their contact details, location opening hours, and whether they offer a collection service.




Drop your car off or have it collected by your chosen recycler. You can drop your car off, or, alternatively, many sites also offer vehicle collection. Just look for the ‘Offers a Collection Service’ logo on their listing. It is helpful if you have ownership paperwork at this stage.




Get your Certificate of Destruction. A Certificate of Destruction (CoD) will be issued to you by the recycler, the CoD ends your responsibility for the vehicle. The CoD can be issued you in two ways either an electronic CoD or a paper CoD.


WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment


If a product needs a battery or a power supply to work properly it is known as electrical and electronic equipment or EEE for short. When EEE no longer works properly and needs to be thrown away, it becomes a waste or waste electrical and electronic equipment or WEEE for short


WEEE Ireland is a not-for-profit organisation which provides compliance on behalf of its producer members. Gowan Motor Distributors is a member of WEEE Ireland (registration number is FIA100), supporting collective takeback and recycling of Waste Batteries.